3 Signs You Need A Water Softener

Posted on: 8 December 2022

How do you know if you need a water softener? Evidence of scale buildup, laundry that doesn't get clean, and irritated skin are all signs of hard water. Read on to determine if your home's water would benefit from a water softener.  

You Notice Scale Buildup

Hard water is caused by water that flows through limestone deposits. As the water flows through the minerals they pick them up. The more acidic your water is, the more minerals it picks up. These mineral deposits combine with soap and form difficult to remove scale that affects your water's taste and cleaning ability.  

You may notice scale as white residue on your shower head. You may also see rust-looking stains in bathtubs and toilets. If the scale is allowed to build excessively, it will also show itself as a failed hot water tank and clogged showerheads. 

Your Laundry Never Gets Clean

Hard water doesn't only cause buildup in your pipes, the deposits from hard water make it harder to get your clothes clean too. If the scale is affecting your laundry, your clothes may appear dingy or have stains from the mineral deposits. Hard water can also make your clothes feel crispy or stiff. 

Your Skin Is Irritated

These mineral deposits also affect you. Too many minerals in your water aren't great for your skin or hair. The deposits in hard water combine with things like soap and shampoo to create a barrier on your skin. You might feel like you never really get clean. This skin irritation may manifest as clogged pores or acne. If you have existing skin conditions hard water can irritate those conditions and make them worse. 

Hard water doesn't just irritate your skin either, it can wreak havoc on your hair too. The soap and conditioner that never really wash away can make your hair feel crisp or dry. Eventually, your hair may become more brittle.

If your water is showing any of these symptoms, it's time to look into getting a water softener. Water softeners filter out excess minerals from your water and may reduce the acidity of your water. You'll notice improvements immediately in the quality of your water. If a water softener sounds right for your home, reach out to a water softener contractor to discuss your options. The contractor will be able to assist you in finding the right water softener for your home.

Contact a local water treatment system service to learn more.