Things To Focus On When Renting Out Portable Toilets For Construction Purposes

Posted on: 31 January 2022

If you have a pretty remote construction site, you can ensure people still have a way to comfortably use the bathroom thanks to portable toilet rentals. They are important resources for construction projects. You'll have an easy time getting and using them if you focus on a couple of things.

Trailer-Mounted Solutions

If you have construction operations that tend to move around often, you may have to move portable toilets consistently. That's not going to be hard if you find portable toilet rentals that come mounted on trailers. Moving the rentals is as easy as hooking them up to a well-suited vehicle.

You'll be able to get hooked up and move the portable toilet to any location around your construction site. You won't have to call for help to complete this activity either because you'll already have the transportation capabilities yourself.

Waste Storage Capacities

There is quite a bit of variety in terms of how much waste storage capacity these portable toilet rentals can provide. Some have more waste storage than others, but regardless, you need to get this aspect down so that you're not having to get these toilets pumped frequently throughout a construction project.

Assess your site's waste buildup potential and then figure out what storage capacity is going to work out for these portable toilet rentals. Even if you err on the side of caution and get a larger waste storage capacity than you need, at least you won't have to worry about going over the maximum waste limit any time soon.

Separate Tank Storage Capabilities 

Another thing you might want to assess with the storage capabilities of these portable toilet rentals is where the storage tank is located. If you get one that's separate from the portable toilet, that can make using these restrooms a more convenient experience.

The separate storage tanks will help mask odors and thus help your construction crew members enjoy using these rentals more. You would just need to get portable toilet rentals that have flushing capabilities where waste is moved to the separate storage tanks nearby.

There are a lot of important decisions to make when renting out portable toilets for construction purposes. As long as you focus on toilets with the right structure and layout, you can support bathroom activities around a construction site without having to sacrifice much. Then your construction crew will appreciate what you do for their convenience.