Tips to Remedy Your Toilet and Sewer Line Backup Problems

Posted on: 4 March 2021

The amount of use your home's sewage drains and your waste pipes receive can be quite a lot of wear and tear over time. And if the materials you flush into the lines, the age of the lines, or effects from outside tree root growth and soil weight cause your sewer drain lines to fail, you will need to remedy them as soon as possible. Here are some recommendations to help you clear up a clog in your home's toilet and repair the problem.

Complete DIY Repairs

As a homeowner, you need to have some basic tools to help you take care of problems that can arise periodically with your toilet. You should know where the toilet's water shut-off valve is located so you can turn the water source off when you need to repair the toilet or the toilet flap is leaking, and if the toilet is severely clogged and you don't want water overflowing all over the bathroom floor. You should also have a sturdy toilet plunger, which should have a central flange within the plunger. This flange is an interior rubber cuff that seals around the toilet's outflow so you can push water through the line and pressure, which usually unclog the blockage.

Use the plunger in your toilet bowl to push water through the line. However, if you have a stubborn clog, you can often let it sit after using the plunger, waiting anywhere from ten to thirty minutes for the waste to soften and loosen. Use the plunger again on the toilet and usually the clog will move through after a few more tries. 

Sometimes your toilet plunger is not enough to clear up a clog that has stopped up further into the drain line, and you will need to use a longer clean-out tool. A plumbing snake, which you can insert into the line and rotate the auger snake to clear the clog, is a great option that you can use at home. You may also need to insert the snake into the plumbing clean-out access, which is installed in your home's plumbing.

Hire Professional Services

Sometimes after you have done all you can by yourself without success at clearing your home's line, you can call in a professional plumber. You may find that your toilet has backed up due to your sewer line has become damaged and is collapsed or partially broken. Tree roots and broken interior pipe materials can trap and collect sewage debris that will block the flow of waste from your home. A sewer line professional will be able to check out the interior of the line with a visual inspection to help you determine what action needs to be taken to repair your sewer line.

For more information, contact toilet backup repair services.